SalesForce Training for Sales Reps

January 16, 2014 – January 16, 2014

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Building strong relationships with your customers is the key to sales success. Salesforce® is a powerful tool that enables you to manage your customer relationships more effectively and efficiently—resulting in greater sales to new and existing customers. This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to use Salesforce in the real world—ultimately enabling you to meet and exceed your sales targets.

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10 Reasons to Choose Online Education

Online education isn’t the best choice for everyone. But, many students thrive in the online education environment. Here are 10 reasons why online education continues to grow in popularity. By Jamie-Littlefield

1. Choice
Online education allows students to choose from a wide variety of schools and programs not available in their area.
2. Flexibility
Online education offers flexibility for students who have other commitments.
3. Networking Opportunities
Students enrolled in online education programs network with peers from all over the nation.
4. Pacing
Many online education programs allow pupils to work at their own pace.
5. Open Scheduling
Online education allows professionals to continue their careers while working towards a degree.
6. Savings
Online education programs often charge less than traditional schools.
7. Lack of Commute
Students who choose online education save on gas and commuting time.
8. Connections
Some online education programs connect students with top-notch professors and guest lecturers from around the world.
9. Teaching & Testing Options
The variety of online education programs available means that students are able to choose a learning and evaluation format that works for them.
10. Effectiveness
Online education is effective. A 2009 meta-study from the Department of Education found that students taking online courses outperformed their peers in traditional classrooms.

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What’s New in the Cisco ICND1 and ICND2 v2.0 Exams?

What’s New in the Cisco ICND1 and ICND2 v2.0 Exams?

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In March 2013, Cisco released new versions of the ICND1 and ICND2 exams for their CCENT and CCNA certifications. These new versions, labeled ICND1 v2.0 and ICND2 v2.0 include several additions and deletions from the prior 1.1 versions. So, what has really changed, and why were the changes made? Eric Rivard runs down the changes in this article.

Why the Change?

First, let’s discuss why changes were made to ICND 1 and ICND 2 v1.1. ICND1 and 2 v1.1 were released in 2007. During this short time, technology has changed drastically, which in turn has shaped the face of IT in the workplace. For example, the proliferation of smartphones and consumer devices in the workplace has caused IT to shift the way it does business and secures devices. Several years ago it was common for IT departments to provide end users with company issued cellphones and computing devices. However, we have seen a large move towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), cloud technology, and a larger shift towards telecommuting. These changes have not only increased the number of devices requiring IP addresses, but changed the way IT departments secure devices and placed a greater demand on networks, both wired and wireless. Never before has the network become so critical to the way we live and do business.

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Sales Cloud Overview and Demo

Get to know Sales Cloud, the world’s #1 CRM sales application from salesforce.com with this Overview Demo. Sell to your customers in a whole new way–increase sales productivity, boost lead conversion, improve win rates, and achieve ROI.

Contact management
Deal tracking
Real time dashboards and analytics
Data.com customer insights
Email integration
Social and collaborative sales with Chatter
Mobile selling on iPad, iPhone, Android

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5 Reasons Why Getting Salesforce Certified Can Help You Get A Raise

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Salesforce Certification


We are all aware of how important it is to remain competitive in today’s job market. With stagnant hiring and high unemployment rates, there is no better time to add value to your company and to your resume. Maybe you have thought about going back to school, but don’t have the time or resources. What else can you do to improve your skill set and stand out from the crowd?

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How To Prepare for Salesforce.com Certifications

I’m helping a new group of Salesforce.com Admins prepare for their upcoming ADM201 Certifications (which they’ll be taking at Dreamforce 2011). While preparing to help THEM prepare, I created this quick list of 14 tips, tricks and advice — I hope you find it useful!

1.) Exam Format: This is a timed, multiple choice exam. There are 60 questions you must answer within a 90-minute window. Some questions have one answer, some have multiple correct answers (and you must select all of them correctly). The advantage of a multiple choice format is that all of the information is in front of you. The disadvantage is that additional information is also given to you, designed to confuse you. Some people excel at this format and never have to study. I’m not one of those people. I need to study hard, write down the information, and review / recall it often.

2.) Exam Environment: Salesforce certification exams are taken on a computer and monitored by a proxy. The exam software will present you with one question at a time. You must answer it or skip it, and then move on to the next question. At the end, the software gives you a chance to review each question and verify or change your answer. The exam is pass/fail: you need to score a 67% or higher to pass (hey, for most exams we took in college, that’s an F, so how hard can it be, right?). Exam results are calculated immediately: you will know if you passed or failed before leaving the exam area.

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