1. Before Class

Please follow the steps below at least one week prior to beginning any course.

Register for class.
Pay required fees.
Test system for Cisco Webex readiness  TEST HERE 

2. System Requirements

We will send you a link approximately 30 mins before class to let you get logged in and set up.

Please review the below information to ensure your system is set up

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP and later, including Windows 8 *
  • Mac 10.6 Snow Leopard and later
  • Linux – various installations

Web Browsers

Below is a list of web browsers that we support. If you would like to download one of these browsers, please click the link to be taken to the download page.

Required Software

Flash and a minimum JRE (Java Runtime Environment) version to work properly for hosts.

Adobe Flash Player 11+ –

JRE – To see if you already have the minium (1.6.5) version, click here.

Download the latest version here.


Web Ex Course


Sit back, get comfortable and start learning.  Our relaxed teaching style along with our certified instructors and criteria give you an ideal learning environment.

4. Get Certified

At our Burbank, California location we are able to offer certified testing for Pearson Vue, Kryterion, Prometric and all other test companies that offer the certification for your course. Not sure which one to contact? Ask us for help.